Top 5 Recruitment Tips

IMG_6754Recruitment is finally here, woo hoo! Alpha Xi Delta is beyond excited to meet all of you! While you’re preparing for this weekend, here’s 5 helpful tips to help guide you through the recruitment process.
1. Wear what makes you comfortable.

Don’t wear something that is uncomfortable to wear. If you feel comfortable you’re more likely to be relaxed and be yourself.

2. Hang out with your rho gam group!

These girls are the perfect support system while going through recruitment. They also have the potential of being in the same sorority as you, but if they don’t end up in the same house as you then you now have friends in other houses which is great for greek unity here at UCO.

3. Have fun!

This is an exciting process, so make it one! Keeping a positive attitude and an open mind will result in you running home to the house that is made for you.

4. Genuinely think about what you want out of a sisterhood.

Think about your values, what you want out of a sisterhood, and what you want out of yourself in college when selecting where you want to call home.

5. Be yourself!

This is the most important. We want to meet YOU! Don’t worry about being anything or anyone other than yourself, because we want you to be in a house that’s the perfect fit.


PC ’17, we are MORE than ecstatic to welcome you home!!!


Alpha Xi Delta 💙

Recruitment: What to Wear!

The ladies of Alpha Xi Delta have been working hard to get ready for recruitment and we hope that all of you are just as excited as we are! We have a few tips for each day of recruitment, including what to wear!


{Open Day} Open day you will get a schedule of which houses you’re visiting and when. You will get on a bus and will travel to each house on campus and learn a little bit about each sorority. On this day you will have a t-shirt provided by Panhellenic and the rest of the outfit is up to you! This is a time to show off your style, and show us who you are, do this by dressing up your shirt with jewelry. If you rock colored shorts, go for it! If you have a pair of capris that you are in love with, show ’em off! Just remember it will be hot, so you want to stay cool throughout the day, also that you will be doing quite a bit of walking, cute sandals are always a lifesaver!


{Values Day} Values Day you will be asked to return to a number of houses, but not all of them. On this day you will meet at the Nigh, load up on buses, and go to the houses that you matched with. Today you will learn a little bit more about the sisterhood and their philanthropy, and why it means so much to each sister. On this day you will want to dress up a little bit more, so maybe one of your favorite sundresses and wedges, or even cute sandals.


{Preference Night} This is a very exciting night for both the women who are going through recruitment, and the sisters of each sorority. This is the last night of recruitment and we all know that the next day we get to open our arms to new sisters and welcome them in. On this night, each sorority will show you a very important part of the sorority; the true sisterhood. This is the night to wear a classy dress and heels. Wear something that makes you feel beautiful! This is the fanciest night of them all, but not exactly prom attire fancy. Just something that is nice, elegant, and makes you feel great.


{Bid Day} On Bid day you will get a brand new shirt to wear on to your parties after you run into the arms of your new sisters! So for this day, wear cute jean shorts or another pair that you really love. You will be taking tons of pictures, and walking a lot, so make sure you’re in comfy shoes! This is the best day of the week because you will open your envelope and see the name of the sisterhood that is right for you, and then you get to run to them with open arms! Also on this day there will be a huge event with all of your sisters to celebrate you being there!



No matter what day it is, or which houses you are going to, just remember to have fun and be yourself. Recruitment is a wonderful process and you will make so many friends along the way. Remember to dress in clothes that make you feel great, get plenty of rest, drink lots of water (it’s hot outside!) and overall just have a good time!

Your future sisters love you already.

||Recruitment 2016 FAQs||

The women of Alpha Xi Delta hope you all are excited, because Recruitment is right around the corner (August 27th-30th to be exact)! We look forward to running with open arms on Bid Day to greet our new sisters, truly nothing beats it!

At the Summer Tea we were asked a lot of questions about our chapter, so here’s a list of the FAQs that hopefully answer any and all questions you have about Alpha Xi Delta!

1. What is the GPA requirement?

Our GPA requirement is a 2.5, although many of our sisters are on the Dean’s Honor Roll and the President’s Honor Roll. We strive to have the best grades possible!

2. What is the time commitment like?

We have chapter on Monday nights, just like the other Greek Organizations. We have our Philanthropy event (Dance Your Boots Off) which is a super fun night of dancing.We have service hours that we complete every semester, which is a lot of fun because other Greek Organizations will team up and volunteer together! Also during Homecoming we have a lot of events that we get to go to as sisters and represent our chapter. So, although some events are mandatory, every event is a great time to meet people and grow closer to your sisters.

3. If I live in house, what are my options?

We have doubles and triples available! We have 8 Doubles, and 3 Triples. We also have a chef who cooks three meals a day (yum!) so groceries are covered!

4. What does Alpha Xi Delta value?

The women of Alpha Xi Delta have four pillars that we hold close to our hearts. These are Service, Sisterhood, Scholarship, and Leadership. These things lead to our devotion to Autism Speaks (our philanthropy), our close-knit bond, our classes taking priority, and our ability to enter the world as leaders.

5. What is the best thing about Alpha Xi Delta?

“…I didn’t know how impacting being a part of a strong sisterhood could be on myself as a person.” Madison Williams

“I found some of my best friends, went on some amazing adventures, and became part of a family I wouldn’t trade for the world.” Hanna Mette

“…it is a real sisterhood and I know I could turn to any one of my sisters for anything!” Rylie Woods


To read more about why we love Alpha Xi, go check our Instagram @alphaxiuco, also stay up to date on all things recruitment! We are looking forward to seeing each and every woman who walks through our doors, and we hope that, just like we did, you find your HOME in Alpha Xi Delta.



Alpha Xi Delta wants YOU to go Greek!

Ladies, mark your calendars for July 16 for the Panhellenic Summer Tea! At 3:00 in the Nigh University Center, UCO Panhellenic will be hosting a tea for both women who are going through recruitment and their parents/guardians. It will be a chance to get questions answered and hear about each sorority on campus. Parents will also have a session specifically for their questions and concerns!

If you’re unsure about recruitment or don’t know that it’s quite for you, give the Summer Tea a chance! Come out and meet all of the wonderful women on campus who have all made the choice to go Greek.

The Women of Alpha Xi Delta look forward to meeting each and every one of the women who come through our doors, and we cannot wait to meet our new sisters!



Summer of 2016 is already promising to be one of the best yet for the women of Alpha Xi Delta! Our sisters are traveling to New York, Seattle, the Grand Cayman Islands, and Perdido Keys to enjoy their summer break and relax before the Fall semester! The Iota Delta chapter of Alpha Xi Delta is sharing our Sisterhood with the world, and loving every second of it.

Follow our sisters and all of their adventures using our hashtag #AlphaXiSummer16 on Instagram and Twitter to share our experiences with us. Here are pictures of our wonderful sisters throwing what they know and enjoying their summer break!